Ewelina Kolaczek


Art, Science, Magic – all married in Glass

Extremely exciting news! I will be starting an indepth ambitous two year research project to the Royal College of Art as part of their MPhil, this September.

The working title is: “Creating glass sculpture informed by and utilizing neuroscientific, theatrical and illusionist research into the emotive and perceptual qualities of the senses of tactility and proprioception.”

What I mean is: I want to learn and use what we know about two senses – touch and proprioception – through both old and cutting edge knowledge from areas like neuroscience, psychophysiology, behavioural therapy, theatre and the arts of illusion (yes, magic!) – to find our how the two senses manipulate and influence our emotions and creation of perception. Then to take that and see how I can change the way we experience art. I want to create and use this as a whole new set of tools to enhance your experience of the tactile, spacial and illusory properties that glass already has. Imagine a type of art that not only allows you to touch it but actually is made specifically for you to touch and move around or a more intimate and bespoke experience.

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