Ewelina Kolaczek


Art, Science, Magic – all married in Glass

Extremely exciting news! I will be starting an indepth ambitous two year research project to the Royal College of Art as part of their MPhil, this September.

The working title is: “Creating glass sculpture informed by and utilizing neuroscientific, theatrical and illusionist research into the emotive and perceptual qualities of the senses of tactility and proprioception.”

What I mean is: I want to learn and use what we know about two senses – touch and proprioception – through both old and cutting edge knowledge from areas like neuroscience, psychophysiology, behavioural therapy, theatre and the arts of illusion (yes, magic!) – to find our how the two senses manipulate and influence our emotions and creation of perception. Then to take that and see how I can change the way we experience art. I want to create and use this as a whole new set of tools to enhance your experience of the tactile, spacial and illusory properties that glass already has. Imagine a type of art that not only allows you to touch it but actually is made specifically for you to touch and move around or a more intimate and bespoke experience.

Chrysalis showing at Connections

Saturday 5 July – Saturday 9 August at Cupola Gallery.

The Tour de France will be heading past Cupola this July. Celebrating this once in a lifetime event Cupola is hosting an exhibition for the hundreds of people from all over the world who will be descending on Yorkshire. Each artwork in the exhibition looks at ‘connection’ – the way in which people relate or connect to people, places or even objects.

Bird Showing at Perspectives show

Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1
Mon 30 June – Sat 5 July

I am showing Bird, a sculpture previously nominated for a prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition is a very brief one so catch it whilst you can!

What would Happen if … (3) and (4) as part of Need You 100% show

Two of my glass sculptures are showing at Display Gallery a hip interesting new gallery in Holborn.

Private view is on the 1st of May. The exhbition is on till 2nd of June 2014.

Chrysalis showing at The Independent Artists Fair

16th – 20th October (Wed – Sat: 1100 – 1830; Sun: 1100 – 1630)

Private View: 16th Oct 1830 – 2100

If you would like to come to the Private View please RSVP: tiaflondon@gmail

Mile End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road, Mile End Park, London E3 4QY


At the Turner Glass Museum

What would happen if … (2) has just been bought by the Turner Glass Museum in Sheffield for their collection.

Chrysalis showing at The Mall Galleries

New piece Chrysalis showing at The Mall Galleries (The Mall (near Trafalgar Square), London, SW1) as part of the Perspectives exhibition.

Exhibition is from 17-22 June. Catch it whilst you can!

Work showing at Cupola Gallery

What would happen if … (2) and What would happen if … (4) showing till mid June
at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

Joining emerging artists programme at the Debut Contemporary gallery

Ewelina Kolaczek has been chosen to join the mentoring emerging artists programme at the Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill (82 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RT).

You can visit the gallery and see one of her glass pieces in the group show from now till the end of December.

sneak preview of "Bird"

Shortlisted by the Victoria & Albert Museum

Glass piece Bird has been shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Museum “Inspired by…” competition.

The artwork will be exhibited at the V&A from October 7 to April 21.

Winner of Bowker prize

Winner of Bowker Prize

Bowker Prize for glass pieces What would happen if… 3 and What would happen if 2 exhibited at the SW1 Gallery (12-20 June 2012).