Ewelina Kolaczek



Etchings – Found Series

The Found Series of etchings was born when walking home quite late one night I came across a beautiful closet leaned next to a skip. It was mostly completely destroyed apart from one of it’s little bottom doors. Already being somewhat of a magpie, I felt compelled to take the door and use it to make something. As I stumbled home I somehow immediately knew I wanted to etch/scratch something on to it and slowly the figure for Untitled 1 was born. The more I scratched the image sitting in my studio in front of this little door with a key hole and shadows that I created by taking off bits off the wood, the more I thought of the character, it’s story and how memory is linked to touch and smell.

Since then I have found a number of objects. The second finished piece in the Found Series – Please – is a bed post. All the Found Series pieces are somehow infused with a scent to include to the story. All the images are created using a mix of techniques (drilling, scratching, etching, sanding…) particular to the story between the found object and the image.

The Found series is an exploration of objects telling and hiding secrets to those that come into contact with them. The series plays with what the object itself can “tell” us and what each of our personal baggage imposes on to it. Lacking context and information it gives room for us to fill in the ellipses with our own person.