Ewelina Kolaczek


Glass Senses

A radical new form of glass sculpture using science & illusion 

to access the joy, nostalgia, anger & longing we all carry within us.

Help make it happen!
All payments that go to art@ewelinakolaczek.com are used strictly and only for the project.

I started working with glass about four years ago, and immediately fell in love with it. Since then I’ve been producing sculptures in glass and showing them in galleries at every opportunity. The more sculptures I made, the more I discovered how glass has the power to amaze and evoke unexpected emotions – and this is what Glass Senses is about.

I love glass in all its dimensions – I’m excited by the mechanics, physics and chemistry of glass as well as its pure beauty and astounding colours and forms.

For me, glass is a material of unlimited possibilities. It is one of the few materials you can see through completely, it can change how things look behind it, you can even trap things in it. When looking at glass, instead of resting on the surface, your eye travels inside the object to discover a whole new universe within….its potential is endless.

With this in mind and a geeky interest in science and magic, I started hatching an idea. What if we use what we know about touch – a combination of the disciplines of neuroscience and behavioural psychology, but also the skills of illusionists and theatre makers – to craft a whole new set of tools that enhance our experience of glass?

Integral to this concept is the research of our sense of proprioception – the relative position of neighbouring parts of our own body and strength of effort being employed in movement – to play with the ways in which we relate to glass on a very physical level. Is it smooth, cool, warm or textured?

My goal is to combine these elements to create a new discipline which will lead to a radical new form of glass sculpture and a whole new way of experiencing art. A type of art which not only allows you to touch it but which specifically made for you to touch and move around it. I feel that this will have a profound effect, not only on how people experience art, but on art itself. A new way of physically tapping to joy, nostalgia, anger, longing…

Earlier this year, I presented the Royal College of Art with a two year research proposal. They thought the idea was fascinating and accepted it as an MPhil research project. Fantastic!

Why I need your help

As an artist, my work doesn’t bring near enough income to be able to support myself with it alone. I work very hard doing a number of freelance jobs to pay the bills and to make my work. This though is never enough to be able to save to be able to do such a huge and difficult project. Funding opportunities are exceedingly few for graduates nowadays. I have been granted a bursary from the Royal College Art and I am partly going to be supported by my family for the two years of the project for living expenses. But I need much more for it to happen. The below is the breakdown of the costs:

For 2 years of Glass Senses Project:
Course fees (minus the bursary) – £12,000
Materials – £4,800
UK travel to scientists, theatre makers etc – £260
Research books & publications that are not in the libraries – £1,000

Postcard and poster print and postage – £150

TOTAL - £18,210

What you get!

It is not my way – to ask for something without giving something in return. The most important thing that you get is the results of the research – a new type of artwork that can astound and move you. A way of breaking down the taboo of how you experience art in a gallery though touching and moving to experience something new. That, of course, is some way in the future. In the more immediate future below are all the goodies that I have for you:

For donating
Your name in a thank you on both the Glass Senses mailing list and my website

A postcard version of one of the drawings below with a handwritten message from me. Can’t decide on a design? Donate £45 and I will send you a mixed bundle of 6 postcards. All postcards are based on my original drawings, sketches and pictures  from my design process when I start working on a new series of glass sculptures.

A poster of one of my glass sculptures (choose from one of 5 designs)

A VIP exhibition launch party package consisting of an invitation to the Glass Senses exhibition launch party, a glass of wine and an opportunity to meet me and have a face-to-face conversation about my research

The famous Victoria and Albert Museum and the exclusive Thomas Goode have kindly agreed to allow me to give an hour-long bespoke tour of their respective Glass Collections for a group of 4-6 people. The choice of which place you would like to go on a tour of is on a first come, first served basis!

An original illustration from a limited edition release of 10. I have designed and made these original artworks specifically and only for this campaign. Because each one is unique and there is only one of each, these are on a first come, first served basis, so take your pick quickly! Below are the first five. The second five are coming soon!

This is a bit different and very special. Each sculpture is born through a long and intense intellectual and emotional process. It is what makes it precious. The reward for this donation, one of the artworks created from my research will be dedicated to you and only you. I do not know how many works will emerge from the project, so I am limiting the number of dedications to an exclusive 3 and includes an invitation to the launch party.

THE PATRON PACKAGE – there is only one and it is very special. It is the original piece of artwork, the sculpture What would happen if… (3).  Along with the certificate of ownership, you will receive a file on the process of how the work was created, as well as an invitation to the VIP launch party.


All payments that go to art@ewelinakolaczek.com are used strictly and only for the project.